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Someshwar Bhel and Misal

We offer really tasty Matki Bhel and Chai! And yogurt mix. The prices are reasonable and the quantity is good. Great place to stop and snack on the highway.

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Spicy Matki Bhel
Special yogurt mix
Vada Pav
A1 Tea
Ness coffee
Masala Tak

Natural ingredients and tasty food

Our most special food


Matki Bhel

Matki Bhel is a mixture of boiled matki, murmurs, tasty farsan, shave, cucumber pieces, green chillies and onions. Combining the right amount of these tasty items creates a tasty matki bhel.



Special yogurt mix

This modeled matki, chopped onion-tomato, chiwda, farsan, gravy, curd, finely chopped, garlic, red chili powder, black masala and cilantro to top. With the right amount of all these ingredients, a tasty mixture is created.



A1 Chaha

Masala tea is made using special tea leaves and ginger and masala are added. Drinking tea is not harmful and Someshwar Special Masala tea helps in maintaining a healthy body.


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